Do you have sheets, score, chords, music notes?

I have all of them written by myself, but I cannot advertise them anymore, ask me via email for further details. If you want to support my work and also help me to get the required licences, I will appreciate your donations and your monthly support via Patreon.

Can I use your music in a video / game / film I'm making?

Yes, I only ask you to tell me before which music do you want to use and for what, and then give me credit in the video and description. And if it's possible, share with me the final job to see the outcome ;)

Do you attend requests?

I'm always open to hear your suggestions for new song projects, although unfortunately I'm unable to work in the majority of them. However, I always check them all and I sometimes pick one. 

You can also sponsor a song and I will commit to play it. Contact me at rhaeidemusic@gmail.com.

How do you record your videos?

I use a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II camera (Sony HDR-SR10 was my previous one, in the image) to shot myself while performing the song on the piano. I record the audio directly from the piano to the computer using a 'NI Audio Kontrol 1' audio interface and 2 'Planet Moves' audio cables (L+R) and I capture it with the free open source software 'Audacity'. Then I sincronize audio and video with 'Sony Vegas Pro 13' where I do a little extra edition, if necessary. I finally render the final outcome in .mt2s format to share with you on YouTube.

Your donations help me to keep going, improving and investing in my music path. You just need to click the link below. Thank you so much!


  1. Love your music... For a donation, do you provide any of your selections in MIDI format? (This would allow them to be played on a Disklavier or PianoDisc system). Thanks,

    1. Hello sullivan. Unfortunately I don't provide any MIDI's, just the sheet music.

    2. Might spend a page where you can download the sheet music for Dead Silence you use is that I want to get before the meeting hallowen not plis ...

  2. I need a music sheet of cape fear. I'll be an accompanist in our play and I need it please? Little help here.