My name is Alvaro, also known as Rhaeide, and I am a pianist from Barcelona, Spain. I have been into piano playing since I was 5 y/o, and I started composing and arranging for piano and orchestra at the age of 14. Since 2008 I've been uploading videos where I play songs and themes that I've previously arranged myself. My aim is to give people the opportunity to enjoy while listening and watching my videos and reviving all the good times, memories and feelings.

The arranging spectrum for my videos is wide. I love recreating themes for piano either from Movies, TV Series or Videogames, especially those who are epic and musically rich! Out of those I really enjoy covering Horror Themes, and last but not least, I like to perform songs from contemporary bands and songwriters. I have to admit that I have quite a passion to arrange those themes that anyone has arranged for piano yet!

I like to define my arranging style with two words: accessible and faithful. Accessible because my arrangements are usually handy to play, which is quite rewarding. And faithful, because they provide the most common missing components in most of the oficial arrangements, which are complete chord / rythym support and rich melodical / harmonical flavoring.

I am very grateful for all the great and positive comments you leave in my videos or media sites, and I promise to continue making videos for you as long as I have the strength, resources and capabilities to keep going. If you like my work and want to help me, consider supporting it on Patreon!

I hope you find whatever you are looking for here!

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  1. Hi, can you send me a music sheet to the walking dead? I love the way you play and id love to learn this piece. Daliakitty@yahoo.com

  2. Hola Rhaeide! Es posible comprar la partituras de tus canciones? Specificamente "The Exorcist"?